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Retrieval Artist Update #5

Here we go again. Another Retrieval Artist novel finished. I’ve just turned Vigilantes over to Dean, who is my first reader. I’ve finished four novels in less than two months. Sounds impressive, right? But it’s not that impressive. It would be more accurate to say that I’ve assembled four novels in less than two months. I’ve been […]

Retrieval Artist Update #4

Click, click, click, click. The sounds you hear are the pieces falling into place. One week after I gave Dean (who is my first reader) Search & Recovery, I gave him The Peyti Crisis, the next book in the Anniversary Day Saga. If he likes it, it’ll go to the content editor. I didn’t write […]

Retrieval Artist Update #3

Things are really starting to progress on the Retrieval Artist front—for me, anyway. You folks will start seeing covers and hear more starting in August. Then the books will hit, one per month, starting in January. Yes, January. Not because of me missing my deadlines (I haven’t!) but because I did something bizarre. I’ll tell […]