The Retrieval Artist

Search & Recovery Out Now, And More!

Search & Recovery e#23DDF1DHere’s the news: Search & Recovery, the fourth book in the Anniversary Day Saga, released this week in all formats from trade paper to ebook to audio. I’m going to link to Amazon here, but rest assured, you can get the paper book from your favorite bookstore. (And if they’re not stocking it, ask why not.)

I’m particularly proud of this book. I hadn’t initially planned to write Berhane’s story, but I wrote a short story to explain her to myself, and the story grew. I suddenly realized why I had introduced her in A Murder of Clones. A lot of characters in Search & Recovery become important later on, so don’t miss this one!

And More!


Starbase Human ebook cover webASFMARCH2015_webPlus, the preorder for Starbase Human has just become available for the ebook on iTunes, Amazon, and Kobo. You can also preorder the audio book. I’m afraid the rest of you who have other devices or want the trade paper will have to wait until May.

But to tide you over until Starbase Human’s releaseAsimov’s just published a new Retrieval Artist novella. Fair warning: this novella is a standalone section of Starbase Human. However, if you’re jonesing for some DeRicci, you’ll find her here. You can read an excerpt here.

It’s fun to see the books and stories finally appear.  Enjoy…

A Murder of Clones Published!

The Journey Begins! Now it’s all in your hands.  Or maybe, I should say that the journey finally continues. Anyway, the news is that the third novel in the Anniversary Day SagaA Murder of Clones, has finally hit print. Some of you have read the novella, also titled A Murder of Clones, but that’s just the first section of the novel. If you want to continue with the next five books after this one, you’ll need to read the whole thing. 

A Murder of Clones #23C403FA Murder of Clones is now available in trade paper, audio, and ebook. You can get it in all retail outlets—brick-and-mortar stores as well as online stores. If your favorite local bookstore doesn’t have a copy, they can order one for you. 

The next novels will release one per month until Masterminds sees print in June. You can preorder all of the audio books right now by clicking this link. You can preorder the ebooks of  Search & Recovery (the February book) and The Peyti Crisis (the March book) on iTunes, Kobo, and Amazon. You’ll be able to preorder Vigilantes (the April book) starting next week.

Here we go! My work is done. Now you can start threading your way through this complex story. If you haven’t read the previous two books, start with Anniversary Day and then go to Blowback before reading A Murder of Clones. Or, if you want to read all of the Retrieval Artist series, start with The Disappeared

And watch this space. I will keep you updated on all of the developments in the Retrieval Artist universe, as soon as I know them.  Happy reading, everyone.

Retrieval Artist Update #10

The Peyti Crisis ebook cover webWe’re a little less than a month away from the release of the next Retrieval Artist novel. It feels like it has taken forever to get here, and yet it feels like only a moment ago I was working on the entire thing. The preorders are stacking up fast and furious. On Audible, you can now preorder audiobooks of A Murder of Clones and Search & Recovery. You can also preorder the ebooks of both on Kobo, iTunes, and Amazon. (See this page for links.)

Now you can also preorder an ebook of The Peyti Crisis, which marks Flint’s return to the series after the events of Blowback. You can get The Peyti Crisis on Amazon, Kobo, and iTunes right now. I suspect the audio version preorder will appear next month.

To understand what happens in The Peyti Crisis and the remaining three books, you’ll need to read A Murder of Clones and Search & Recovery. Right now, those three ebook sites and Audible are the only places to get the preorders. On their official release dates, the books will be available in trade paper, ebook, and audio on many different retailers. In fact, if you talk to your favorite brick-and-mortar bookstore while holiday shopping, you might be able to convince them to order paper copies in time for the release of A Murder of Clones on January 13, 2015.

Publisher’s Weekly has weighed in favorably on A Murder of Clones, saying, “Fans of Rusch’s Retrieval Artist universe will enjoy the expansion of the Anniversary Day story, with new characters providing more perspectives on its signature events, while newcomers will get a good introduction to the series.”

If you haven’t started the Anniversary Day books in the Retrieval Artist universe, now’s the time. The reissues of Anniversary Day and Blowback are both available with a letter from the author in each.

If you want Retrieval Artist updates without visiting this website, sign up for the Retrieval Artist newsletter.

And the next announcement, in January 2015, will be of A Murder of Clones’  publication! Woot!

Happy holidays!