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Retrieval Artist Update #10

We’re a little less than a month away from the release of the next Retrieval Artist novel. It feels like it has taken forever to get here, and yet it feels like only a moment ago I was working on the entire thing. The preorders are stacking up fast and furious. On Audible, you can […]

Retrieval Artist Update #4

Click, click, click, click. The sounds you hear are the pieces falling into place. One week after I gave Dean (who is my first reader) Search & Recovery, I gave him The Peyti Crisis, the next book in the Anniversary Day Saga. If he likes it, it’ll go to the content editor. I didn’t write […]

An Excerpt From Blowback

Every month on my website,, I excerpt a novel. This month, I’ve excerpted Blowback, the next Retrieval Artist novel. I figured I’d share it here as well. This book, which will come out in December, does stand alone, but you’re better off starting with Anniversary Day, published last year. Most of the Retrieval Artist novels can […]