The Retrieval Artist

A Murder of Clones Published!

The Journey Begins! Now it’s all in your hands.  Or maybe, I should say that the journey finally continues. Anyway, the news is that the third novel in the Anniversary Day SagaA Murder of Clones, has finally hit print. Some of you have read the novella, also titled A Murder of Clones, but that’s just the first section of the novel. If you want to continue with the next five books after this one, you’ll need to read the whole thing. 

A Murder of Clones #23C403FA Murder of Clones is now available in trade paper, audio, and ebook. You can get it in all retail outlets—brick-and-mortar stores as well as online stores. If your favorite local bookstore doesn’t have a copy, they can order one for you. 

The next novels will release one per month until Masterminds sees print in June. You can preorder all of the audio books right now by clicking this link. You can preorder the ebooks of  Search & Recovery (the February book) and The Peyti Crisis (the March book) on iTunes, Kobo, and Amazon. You’ll be able to preorder Vigilantes (the April book) starting next week.

Here we go! My work is done. Now you can start threading your way through this complex story. If you haven’t read the previous two books, start with Anniversary Day and then go to Blowback before reading A Murder of Clones. Or, if you want to read all of the Retrieval Artist series, start with The Disappeared

And watch this space. I will keep you updated on all of the developments in the Retrieval Artist universe, as soon as I know them.  Happy reading, everyone.