The Retrieval Artist

Land On Starbase Human!

Starbase Human ebook cover webThe seventh—seventh!—book of the Anniversary Day Saga hits the stands today. I have to admit, I had the most fun writing Starbase Human. It has a lot in common with the Diving books, even though this novel is in the Retrieval Artist Universe. Starbases, explosions, murders, and threats of war fill this volume. (Yes, I said “war.”)

I’ve said over and over again that this story is big, and in Starbase Human, you should start to get a sense as to just how big.

You can now buy the ebooks on all sites, the audiobook, and the trade paper. If you can’t find the paper book in your favorite bookstore, ask them to order it. Because as of today, Starbase Human should be available everywhere books are sold.

You will still have to wait one month for the end of the Saga. The reviews are starting to come in. I won’t quote all of the Publishers Weekly review, because there are spoilers, but here’s their conclusion:

“This deeply satisfying eighth entry…is a very strong payoff for the series.” 

I love the phrases “deeply satisfying” and “very strong payoff.” That’s what I was going for. You can preorder Masterminds on AmazonKobo, and iBooks. You can also preorder the audiobook from Audible. The trade paper edition and the other ebook editions will be available on June 9, 2015.