The Retrieval Artist

And Now Things Get Rough

Vigilantes ebook coverHere we go. Vigilantes, which is the sixth book in the Anniversary Day Saga, appeared today. And with it, we begin what I call when I’m writing a book (or a story or a long story like this one), “the slide to the end.” Yep, things are changing, and the story you thought you were reading might not be the story you were reading at all. Cue evil chuckle here. Because I know what awaits you, not just in this book, but in the remaining two. 

You can now get Vigilantes on all online retailers and in all brick-and-mortar stores. If your favorite brick-and-mortar store isn’t carrying the book, ask them to order it. They’ll be able to get it quickly. So those of you waiting for the trade paper, you can get it now. And those of you who wanted the book on Nook, it’s there too. 

And if you want a taste of Starbase Human, then click on this week’s free fiction on my other website, The story, “Sole Survivor,” appears in a different form in Starbase Human. And some of you might even begin to figure out where it fits in… 

Yep, I’m having fun. I hope you are as well.

Masterminds Available for Preorder!

Masterminds-ebook-cover-webYou can finally preorder the last book in Anniversary Day Saga on ebook. Three sites will let you order Masterminds ahead of its June release date. You can order on Amazon, Kobo, and iBooks. You can also preorder the audiobook from Audible. The trade paper edition and the other ebook editions will be available on June 9, 2015. And with that release, you can binge on the entire saga all at once if you want.

I know some of you have been reading along with each release. Thank you! I hope you’re having as much fun reading the books as I had writing them.