The Retrieval Artist

Retrieval Artist Update #9

Search & Recovery e#23DDF1DJust a brief notice to let you all know the preorders are piling up. (I love this. It makes the saga real to me.)

You can preorder the next book in the Anniversary Day Saga, A Murder of ClonesMany of you knew that already.

You can also preorder the book that comes after A Murder of Clones. Search & Recovery went live for preorder on Amazon, Kobo, and iTunes.

I’m afraid that those three retailers are the only ones offering preorders of the series at the moment, and only for ebooks. I’ll let you know as soon as the audio books are available for preorder. The remaining ebook sites and the places that will have the trade paper versions on the date the books get published. That’s January 13, 2015 for A Murder of Clones and February 10, 2015, for Search & Recovery.

If you haven’t started the Anniversary Day books in the Retrieval Artist universe, now’s the time. The reissues of Anniversary Day and Blowback are both available with a letter from the author in each.

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And expect another notice next month. :-)