The Retrieval Artist

The End of the Saga!

Anniversary Day saga series ad no textEighteen months ago, I thought the Anniversary Day Saga would never end. I wrote a part of it, finished that, then wrote another part, reassembled the entire story, and wrote yet another part. Eventually I figured out how all the pieces went together. But for someone like me, someone who jumps from project to project, this particular series proved challenging. It took all of my attention and then some.

When I finished, I worried how the fans would react to getting six books in six months to read the entire saga. I figured a handful would do that; the rest would either read it all when the saga ended or would buy a book occasionally. I never expected so many of you to follow me, month to month, on this journey. I am happily surprised.

The one-per-month release ends today with the publication of Masterminds. I’m partly relieved that the second phase of this project is over. But I’m also pleased that the third phase can begin. That phase will start in July, when WMG Publishing promotes the entire series as one giant unit.

Masterminds-ebook-cover-webSo many of you will already be ahead of that promotion. By July, you will have read or listened to the entire saga. Thank you! I hope you enjoy it.

The reviewers have been kind so far. Publishers Weekly says,

Rusch juggles the ensemble cast and numerous plots skillfully, offering up a cerebral thriller that’s part mystery and part action-drama with a ticking countdown. The human element plays well against the tense atmosphere, and frequent scene shifts help provide a sense of momentum and foreboding. While it’s almost essential to have read the previous installments, this is a very strong payoff for the series.

And Futures Past and Present says,

Rusch has attempted an ambitious project, one that succeeds. I think it’s one of the major science fiction stories of the year.

Masterminds wraps up the crisis, but it doesn’t end the Retrieval Artist series. Miles Flint will be back, and so will some of your favorites, old and new. I’m not yet sure when the next book will hit print. I’m still recovering from this large saga. But I promise, you’ll be the first to know when it does.

In the meantime, here’s Masterminds. I hope you enjoy it! —Kristine Kathryn Rusch